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Services & Pricing

Although every quote will be tailored to you specific project, you might want to have an idea of what my prices generally are. I often offer discounts for first-time customers, so ask for a quote and we’ll work out the best price for you.


$1000$600.00Per Build
  • Website Hosting (not included)
  • Basic Website: Web & Mobile Design
  • Advanced Management with WordPress
  • Domain Name/URL (integration & setup)
  • Up to 2 form integrations
  • Up to *5 pages full content
  • Up to 2 weeks post-launch support
  • Up to 6 weeks delivery date
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$2000$1250.00Per Build
  • + Up to 5 form integrations
  • + Up to *10 pages full content
  • + Up to 5 products on Commerce sites
  • + Up to 4 weeks post-launch support
  • + Up to 8 weeks delivery date
  • + Integration with Google Analytics
  • + Integration with Google Business
  • + Integration with your Facebook Page
  • + Integration with Instagram Account
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Website Mangement

$100$60.00Per Month
  • + Daily Website Back-Up
  • + Weekly website updates
  • + Weekly security checks (extra protection available)
  • + Up to 2 page UPDATES a month
  • + Email & Phone support

*discounted price for upfront payment **$75/monthly payment
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Important Add-Ons You Need

Here are some more things you may want to add to your website package. Take a look below and add it on to your quote.
If you are not sure about whether we can add something or you don't see something you need please feel free to ask me whether I do it!

*Not sure if you need an add-on? You can contact me to discuss any product or service listed here!

Start Growing With Radiant Design Co. Today

As always, there are a number of options out there for hosting. Do you have your own? Do you need to host with me? Contact me to find out more about these options today.

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Things In Order

My Process


Like any good relationship I want to hear from you, I want to hear your needs. After listening I'll then tell you about the services I offer my clients.


Once we've looked at your needs and what I am able to do to help meet those needs, I will then draft up a proposal for you to look at.


After we've finalized the work being done I'll draw up a contract outlining what the expectations are for the job. Once the contract has been agreed upon and signed I will send over the invoice so that we may proceed forward.

Build Out

Now is the time we gather together to work out design concepts, visual ideas, functionality, and the general direction for the work. We'll make sure that we are taking the best first steps forward. In this step we will collect all relevant data for the site.

Proofs//Final Edits

I will take the ideas and concepts we've agreed upon and move forward with laying the structure for your project, and enter the initial draft phase. We will communicate along the way to see what progress is made and what needs to be done for a second or final draft.


Well, we've reached that point. Your product is finished and it's ready to go out into the world. It can be exciting and worrisome. I know how it goes. But I will be right there with you to make any necessary adjustments so that you can focus on the important things!

Customer Feedback

Even though I might be finished with our work, I will always love to hear back about your experience and how it can improve.